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Wantable Makeup Box August 2014

I said it was coming and here it is....the Wantable August 2014 make up box! Wantable are an American company who send out subscription boxes every month containing 4 or 5 full size make up only products, they also have separate boxes for accessories and intimates. This is one of the few US subscription services which ship to the UK and it's been one of the boxes at the top of my list, so I'm super excited the first one has arrived. 

The cost of the box is $50, which works out at about £30. This price includes the box, shipping and any custom duties and taxes due and I can confirm that the box arrived within two weeks with no added stress of extra charges due. 

One of the things that I loved about the Wantable box is the extensive beauty questionnaire you have to complete. This questionnaire requires you to go through all of the various make up items you can receive and say what you love, like and dislike. You even get to say whether you like the items in powder or liquid version and the shades you prefer. Once you have completed the beauty profile, this is used to tailor your box to your individual requirements and you will never receive an item or colour which you say you dislike. One great thing about having this type of profile is you can alter it each month to tailor what you get in the next box e.g. you received one too many blushers recently, you can just change your profile to say you dislike blusher.

Lets get down to business and start discussing the actual box I received this month.

Liberty Republic SPELLBOUND Nail Polish in Omen

Spellbound Red Polish

This is a deep crimson nail polish by the brand Liberty Republic who I've never actually heard of before. Now, nail polish is probably my largest collection and not something I need to expand. I literally have a ridiculous amount of polishes in every in particular. But, it's always nice to try out a different brand and I have been reading reviews that this is a super quick drying formula. The proof will be in the painting so I'll have to see how it holds up once I've got around to using it. The cost of this full size item is $14 which is about £8.35, although I think this polish is exclusive to the Wantable box...I may be wrong.

OFRA Lipliner in Savage Red

OFRA Lipliner Savage Red
Ofra Lipliner Savage Red Swatch

Next up we have a lipliner from OFRA in a very similar shade of red to the polish (I do love a good red lip). I actually didn't have a red lip liner, but it has been something on my need to purchase list. I gave this a little go earlier and it's still holding on after a few cups of tea and something to eat. The application isn't the smoothest as the pencil seems quite hard, but it is quite pigmented. This will be fantastic to pop all over the lip before a red lipstick to make it last all night. The cost of this full size item is $10 which works out at £5.96, so a similar price to any drugstore brand here in the UK.

Elizabeth Mott Smooth Shadow Pencil in Pearl

Elizabeth Mott Smooth Shadow Pearl
Elizabeth Mott Smooth Shadow Pearl Swatch

Another brand which I've never heard of, but I've looked up some reviews for this product by Elizabeth Mott and they seem pretty good. This pencil is stated to be a gel eyeliner in pencil form, but to me this seems way to light and shimmery for any eyeliner I would use personally. I do think it works well as a highlighter for the inner corners of my eyes or maybe as a base for eyeshadow. The swatch doesn't really show this, but the product actually has glitter in it, so it won't really work for a brow bone highlight because who has glitter in the eyebrows? Not quite sure how much use I'll get out of this, but it's nice to have. The cost of this product is $14.99 or £8.94.

Tarina Tarantino Blush Brush

Tarina Taranrino Blush Brush

The final product in the box and the one I was most excited about if I'm honest is this blush brush by Tarina Tarantino. I've heard a lot about this brand just from reading other Wantable reviews although I wasn't aware they did their own make up brushes. The brush is quite small compared to my Real Techniques blush brush so I could use it to add a pop of colour to the apples of my cheeks. It's not too dense, picks up pigment no problem, blends well and is made from soft synthetic hair (good for the vegans out there).  My make up brush collection is always willing to accept new members and this one will definitely have a place, although I wouldn't say it's a spectacular, your have to have this, brush. This was the most expensive item in the box costing $42 or in the good old pound about £25.


I liked the box and the fact everything is full size. I did get a few nice products which I am sure I will get some use out of at some point. The good thing about Wantable is that if you don't like your box you can always return it for a refund, but this is definitely a box I will be keeping.

In regards to my profile, I feel that Wantable really did follow my requests. I stated in my profile that I loved makeup tools, eye, lip and nail products, as well as stating my preference was for timeless and classic shades.

In terms of the cost of the box, I paid £30.41 and the value of the box is £48.25, so I got £17.84 worth of products free...YAY!! I'll continue Wantable for next month and I'll probably alter my profile in the hope I can get a lipstick (a girl can never have too many lipsticks...can she?).

Let me know your thoughts in the comments below and if you want to join up then please use my referral link -

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