Tuesday, 5 August 2014

Review of Benefit, Clinique and Mary Kay Mascaras

Does anyone else feel like mascara is one of those items you spend way too much money on? I forever seem to be buying new mascaras in the hope that one of them is going to be that Holy Grail product, the mascara that I will run back and buy over and over again. I always buy a mascara that seems to be all the rage, use it and while I might like it, there’s always that one little thing that makes me look to replace it when it’s finished. So, I was pretty pleased when I had a few mascara samples to try out because it gives me a chance to see if I actually like any of them before I waste my money buying them. We will begin with my least favourite of the four:

Mary Kay – Lash Love
This mascara claims to deliver four times the volume without looking overdone. It has a flexible brush to separate and coat the lashes so they appear fuller, lifted and multiplied. Do I think this mascara lives up to that claim...the short answer is no! I found this mascara clumped pretty quickly. One coat left a few lashes clumped together and after two coats I was in seriously spidery lash territory. The consistency of this mascara seems really nice, but the problem comes from the wand, it's a little too flexible for its own good. It’s so flimsy that the brush gives way to my lashes so they stick together. Maybe with a better designed wand this mascara would work as it claims to.

Benefit – BadGal Lash
I like this mascara. With two or three coats you have clump free lashes with added volume and a small increase in lash length, this mascara does only claim to volumise lashes so it does what it says on the tin. It does add a small amount of curl when used by itself and it holds the curl well when used after curlers. I do use a separate mascara for under eye lashes though, as I think this can give an over-exaggerated effect which looks a tad odd otherwise. I like it but it's still not the all rounder I wanted.

Clinique – High Impact Mascara
This has to be one of my favourite mascaras I’ve tried in a while. It separates and really lengthens the lashes, whilst still having a really natural look which is great for daytime use. I wouldn’t say this adds much curl to lashes by itself, so a curler will be definitely be needed beforehand. I also don’t feel it adds much volume so if this is something your after I would steer clear of using this mascara on it’s own. Again, its an excellent mascara but it's not quite an excellent all rounder. 

Benefit – they’re real
This is the best selling mascara in the UK and I can see why. With two coats I get a beautiful false lash effect without any clumping. It holds a curl pretty well and I would say out of all four mascaras it adds the best curl without curling beforehand. If I had to buy one of the four again it will definitely be this mascara as it’s probably the best one I’ve ever used! I still wouldn't label this the Holy Grail mascara though...will there ever be such a thing?

Ok, so I said that I always want a little bit more from a mascara than I can get. Whilst I really love the Benefit they’re real mascara, I just wanted it to add a bit more length to my lashes like the Clinique had. So, I decided to mix the two together to see how it turned out.  I curled my lashes, added two coats of Clinique to really lengthen and then added one coat of they’re real. I was pretty happy with the end result as I got the best of both mascaras; no clumps and really long thick curled lashes. Maybe this is where I've been going wrong for years, I should have used more than one mascara at once. 

I'd really love to hear what your favourite mascara is so please leave your comments below. 

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