Sunday, 20 July 2014

To Smoke or Not to Smoke!

Everyone loves a smokey eye right? Well at least I do and it took me long enough to master it! (Note to others struggling, it's all in the brushes! But, thats for another post!)

Now this probably seems like I’m overloading you with NYX product reviews….I did have a bit of a spree on their website not long ago and I figured if I put all of the reviews in one blog post, it would just be way too long.

So this is the final item (until I buy more), I promise! When I spotted this I had to have it, it was one of those items where you don’t even look at the price it just goes in your’ll deal with the consequences of irresponsible purchasing later.

The NYX Box of Smokey Looks Collection is a fantastic purchase for any eye shadow enthusiast and would be a brilliant starter collection. Priced at £22 you can’t really go wrong, as there’s so many beautiful shades included.

NYX Book of Smokey Collections Inside

The packaging is so sleek and by the look of the tiny box you receive, it's deceiving how much is actually inside. This would be am amazing set to take on your travels, as you'll have everything you need in one small compact space. So, lets have a run through of what you get:

  • 32 eyeshadows with 4 colour blocks
  • 3 blushers
  • 2 bronzers
  • a highlighter
  • 4 concealers/correctors
  • 16 lip colours
  • 12 glitter creams
  • 1 eyeliner

I can’t say I’m going to use the lip products or glitter creams. I do find it a bit strange when eye and lip products are put in one set (I know, I’m weird), but I guess it’s nice for some people. I personally would have preferred more eyeshadows in the pull out draw.

NYX Book of Smokey Collections Eyeshadow

What I do really love about this set is the layout of the eyeshadows, this will be brilliant for beginners as it places all of the colours for each smokey eye together.  For the more experienced smokey eye connoisseur you can mix and match from all the sections. Seriously though, if your just starting out stick to the basics! I've had many attempts where my experiments just looked like I'd been punched in the face...not a good look on anyone! 

So now lets discuss the serious stuff! Swatches will be needed for this and of course I have some I prepared earlier.

Grey Smokey

NYX Book of Smokey Collections Grey Smokey Swatches

The grey shadows all look really beautiful. When on the skin the variety of different undertones show up, with some green, brown, blue and the one on the far left appears to have a purple/mauve tone to it. There's a shimmey nude to have as a base colour and the white to highlight the brow bone.

All of the colours are really pigmented except for the lighter grey which needed to be built up slightly, but with a primer underneath the colour will probably be more vivid.

Purple Smokey

NYX Book of Smokey Collections Purple Smokey Swatches

I really love the purples in this set; I especially like the navy colour that’s included. These colours would be better suited to a night look as they're all fairly dark and dramatic.

The shadows are quite pigmented, but again a primer on underneath will get the purple to stand out and stay put...nothing worse than creased eyeshadow.  

Bronze Smokey

NYX Book of Smokey Collections Bronze Smokey Swatches

The bronze shades are really lovely. I think these could be used to create a dramatic daytime look, whist still being neutral enough to wear to work/school. What I will say about these shades is they’re quite warm, so if you have a cooler skin tone there’s a good chance these could make you look a bit washed out and ill.

These shades are really well pigmented and with a primer on underneath your going to get a good pop of colour.

Natural Smokey

NYX Book of Smokey Collections Natural Smokey Swatches

Finally, the natural shades. If you’re a beginner this is probably the set of colours I would get to grips with before you start experimenting, purely because neutral shades tend to hide rusty blending technique better. Again these sorts of colours are brilliant for creating a day smokey eye and just for doing a really simple highlight and contour of the eye area. 

The lighter colours don’t show up to well in this picture, but they are quite pigmented and again with a primer underneath the colour will be improved.

Blushers, Bronzers and Highlighter

NYX Book of Smokey Looks Collection Bronzer and Blusher Swatches

The blushers and bronzers are a nice addition to the set, but not the reason I purchased it. The darker bronzer will be good for contouring whereas the lighter is a little too shimmery. When both are blended together they produce such a gorgeous colour. The highlighter is a bit meh…I wouldn’t use this personally as I prefer something more shimmery to really catch the light. I do think this can be used to set concealer under the eyes to brighten the area though. The blushers are also nice colours with one coral and two pink. The one on the far right is a very shimmery light pink whereas the other two are matte. They're quite universal colours and while they aren’t my go to blusher, I’m sure I will get some use out of them.  

Overall, this is a brilliant set to purchase and I do recommend it. For the price the quality is fantastic, everything is really pigmented and the consistency of all items are creamy and really easy to blend. The eyeshadows really do match up to some higher priced brands and with the selection you get, the £22 is money well spent. 

One thing I will say is that nearly all of the eyeshadows have a bit of shimmer in, some more than others. There are some mattes in here and some of the less shimmery shades do appear quite matte when applied, but if your one of those people who isn't a big fan of the shimmer it might be something to think about. 

Let me know what other palettes you think I should give a go below!

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