Friday, 25 July 2014

St. Tropez Bronzing Mousse Review

The St. Tropez brand is probably the most popular range of self tanning products on the market. So when I was invited to go out the next evening, I thought this product would ensure I ended up with a streak free and nicely bronzed appearance overnight. Now this mousse did work, but I wouldn't say the end result was exactly simple and stress free, nor would I say that this product lived up to my expectations.

I've tried a lot of self tanners and like many others I've had a fair few disasters including resembling a tangerine, skin that looks like streaky bacon, white hands and mahogany name it and it's probably happened to me. This was the main reason that I started using a mousse, it's such an easy application and as you can see where you're applying it theres very little chance for mistakes, even if you are a bit heavy handed like myself.

I've always used the Boots Soltan Mousse in medium to dark which is cheap and develops within 2 to 3 hours. The problem with this tan is that I found the supposed "medium to dark" barely adds any colour and so a few applications are needed to really get a tanned appearance. Now as I only had an evening to actually tan and get the rest of my beauty regime sorted, I thought that buying a pretty expensive brand would probably mean the colour was going to be deeper and less effort would be needed. How wrong I was.....

I was originally a little off put by the fact that the St. Tropez mousse requires a 4 to 8 hour development time (over twice as long as the Boots range). The cost of the product was another big factor, it's normally £30.50 but was on offer for £25.50 and thats quite expensive. Yet, I still had high expectations for this tan and thought the price probably reflected the quality.

So I got home jumped in the shower and did all the pre-tanning steps. I then applied the tan using a mitt all over and waited 20 minutes to dry. Now I know on the video by St.Tropez it says wait 1 minute and your fine to get dressed but I still felt tacky so I didn't risk it. I then waited about an hour and a half before I got in bed as I wanted to make sure I was definitely dry.

I woke up in the morning (8 hours after applying) and was pretty unimpressed. I was probably only slightly darker than I had been when I actually got into bed, so it hadn't developed much. I then opened the blinds and looked in the mirror and to my horror noticed that as I sleep on my side there was a big white patch on my arm. Swear words were said and I instantly jumped in the shower to see if it was just the tint in the mousse that had rubbed off. It wasn't and while it was less noticeable, you could still tell. Now I've never had this problem with a tan before, 2 hours after application and your usually safe to get in bed, not to mention I definitely hadn't sweated or there would of been other white patches in other areas.

I decided that my only course of action, as I was still quite pale, was to do another application and leave it on for four hours. I am thankful to say this did work and I actually had an evenly, no streak or white patch appearance but I still wouldn't say that I looked remotely tanned. This mousse appears to give more of a natural tint/glow. It is a nice colour, slightly better than any tan I've used before and definitely looks brown rather than orange so in that sense the money is definitely worth it. Plus, I would be surprised if people could tell this was from a can rather than spending some time in the sunshine.

I just think that it was a lot of effort for a similar look I could of got from a cheaper and quicker developed tan. In the future, I would definitely try the darker version of this mousse to make sure that one application would be enough, as for £30.50 its not the type of tan you want to have to do multiple coats of just to get the colour you want. I might also try the express version when I'm in a rush, that has a development time of 1 to 3 hours and continues to develop after your showering.

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