Sunday, 20 July 2014

Sleek Makeup

I was standing in the drugstore having one of those moments where I’ve got two identical products and I can’t decide which to get. One was expensive but better reviewed and the other considerably cheaper but not well known. I decided to give Sleek, the cheaper option, a go and it wasn't a bad choice. 

I was actually in Boots looking for a brow mascara at the time, as I've got some weird condition where one of my eyebrows continually grows outwards, so I wanted something to tame it. I ended up choosing to get a brow kit, but I had a number of different brands to choose from. I popped the Sleek one in my basket and since then I've added a few more of their items to my collection. 

Brow Kit - Dark 818
The brow kit comes with a pigmented wax, setting powder, brushes for application and tweezers. The wax is to be applied first followed by the powder. Both do have good pigmentation and do fill in the brows and hold everything in place, but I like to use a pencil to give a more defined and bold brow around my arch. My advice would be to purchase your own brow brushes for application as these are a bit small and just not that great! The tweezers are just worse than useful and you should really already own a pair before you even purchase this kit anyway. For £8.49 this set is as good as more expensive versions.

Brow Pencil - Dark
The brow pencil was purchased to be used alongside the kit above. I like this pencil because it comes with the spoolie on one end so you can brush and blend the pencil to give a more natural effect. The pencil itself is angled so its easy to have a really nice precise application. Again this is just as good as more expensive pencils but only costs £5.99.

Face Contour Kit - Light 884
I brought this contour kit because I really wanted to try the highlighter. Plus, with the mirror on the inside and the sturdy sleek packaging it's a nice kit to keep in my bag for touchups during the day. The bronzer is fine but I do prefer the Benefit Hoola bronzer for contouring as I find this colour is a little bit too light. For pale skinned people this bronzer would be good if you just want to add a bit of colour over your face and neck without looking orange (less is more though). The highlighter is a really gorgeous shade and has just the right amount of shimmer to catch the light beautifully, without being noticeable that you have a highlighter on. Both of these are really well pigmented and blend well. At £6.49 this really is a steal for the quality! 

Pout Polish - The Afterparty 959
This was just something extra that I threw in my basket as I wanted a lip balm with some SPF that added a bit of colour for the summer. This is a vivid barbie pink shade, that goes on quite sheer but does add a nice pop of colour and sheen to the lip. It feels really moisturising and makes my lips feel nice and soft after wearing during the day. It doesn't feel sticky and smells quite nice too. For £4.49 this is a winner all round!

Let me know if you've tried these or any other Sleek products you like below! 

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