Tuesday, 15 July 2014

Shea Butter Hair Mask Update

I finally got round to using one of my June Birchbox samples today, as I had time to wash my hair twice if needed.

I had read a few reviews that said this left people's hair really greasy after using. So I made sure I gave it a thorough rinse down before I stepped out the shower. 

My hair does feel a little slimy, like product is still clinging on to every strand, but it's not awful. My hair looks shiny (a healthy shine not a greasy shine) and feels a bit more nourished, so I can live with the slimy hair as it isn't visible. I think it should be expected that this would leave your hair a little oily as it does contain Shea Butter, Rose Geranium Essential Oil and Glycerine (pretty sure thats in hand cream), so not exactly water soluble ingredients. 

There's still enough in the sample to do another two generous masks on my whole head, but I think to save on the slimy after effect I'll just put this on the very tips of my hair, where it gets the most dry. 

I should get a few more uses out of this tub, but it isn't a mask I'll be purchasing for £55 when it runs out.

Let me know what you thought of this product.

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