Wednesday, 16 July 2014

Oh So Natural!

I wasn’t particularly looking to buy a new set of lip-glosses when I was doing some shopping on the NYX website, but then I came across the Natural Lip Gloss Set for £10 and temptation won.

This set includes 12 natural lip-glosses and lets face it, you can never have enough nude shades in anything make up related. Now I haven’t had this set long but I seem to have misplaced two of the lip-glosses in my over eager attempt to test them out (I’m clearly failing at being more organised/tidy).

What I can say from the shades I have remaining is that this set includes a nice mix of shimmery and normal lip-glosses. I personally like to add the shimmery ones over a nude lipstick to bring my lips from day to night. That way I can just keep the one lipstick in my bag. These lip-glosses will also work as standalone products on your lips and the range of colours in this set mean you have every nude lip sorted for a while.

Down to the nitty gritty, the pigment in these lipsticks is exceptional for the price (each one of the glosses in this set is less than £1). The consistency is sticky but not as bad as other cheap branded lip-glosses. These glosses do have a scent which doesn’t particularly smell pleasant but you can’t smell or taste anything weird when they're on your lips, so that’s fine.  

For the price, this is a fantastic lip-gloss collection for everyday and especially for those of us on a budget!!

Let me know your thoughts.

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