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June 2014 Birchbox Review

I guess my first post should be about the unoriginal and fairly common beauty blog topic - beauty box subscriptions. I have signed up for two; Birchbox and Glossybox! I also have my eye on the American Wantable box and will be giving that a go in the not so distant future (I get paid in 2 weeks).

I have to say I signed up to Birchbox because they had the Beauty Blender and I did want to give it a try. I also really like the little pouches that the samples come in because I think they're handy for storing different make up items together in my drawers, it makes my life so much easier if everything is in one place in the morning. The reward points that you can collect towards £10 off in the Birchbox shop were another reason why I decided to give this subscription a go. I may not like every sample they send me but at least I can get some money towards a product I will actually want to use in the future.

I entered a code for free delivery on the first box and waited for it to arrive. A few days later it was here and I was excited to see what I got. Whilst I was disappointed not to receive the Beauty Blender, I was still pretty happy with everything I got. I have tried out a few of the items already and will put reviews up when I have got round to using the other products. Here is a run down of my the items.

Benefit - They're Real Mascara

Benefit-they're real

I have wanted to try this mascara for a while having already tried the BADgal lash mascara and liked it. This is a 3g sample and will be worth about £7 (full size is £19.50 for 8.5g). This is not a bad sample size as I should get a few good tries before I decide to splash out and purchase it.
My thoughts on this product having already tested it out for about a week - it's a brilliant mascara and I have tested it both having curled my lashes and not. Either way it gives my lashes a nice defined look. 

Benefit-they're real wand

The wand on this mascara is fantastic and I am someone who is picky about the type of wand used to apply product. This really does help to separate the lashes so there is no awful clumping. The end result having used this mascara is beautiful looking lashes with a good amount of volume and length that lasts all day. There was also no horrible black crumbling mascara under the eye at the end of the day.

O.P.I - What's a Little Rain Forest

O.P.I Nail Polish

Haven't tested this polish out yet, but I have tried O.P.I previously and I do like the brand. This is quite a small sample size as it's only 3.75ml so it's worth about £2.90 (full size is £11.50 for 15ml). I do like the colour in the bottle, its a very bright blue with tiny bits of glitter. I will review this particular product when I get round to using it.

Caudalie Paris - Vinoperfect 

Caudalie-Vino Perfect

Another item I have not used yet is the Caudalie day perfecting cream. For the price of this product it's a very good sample size and should get a few uses, it is 10ml and will cost around £9.50 (full size is £38 for 40ml). This product is meant to help with stubborn blemishes, scars, age spots and provide sun protection. I will update on my thoughts once I get a chance to use it.

Naobay - Body Radiance Lotion

Naobay-Body Radiance Lotion

This was my least favourite item in the box, not only is it a fairly small sample for a body lotion but I also don't really like the fragrance. Theres an odd lemony scent to it, which to some might be quite pleasant but for me personally is somewhere in-between wasp repellant and sherbet lemons. Not something I think I want to walk around smelling like. This is probably to do with the list of ingredients as it includes olive oil, avocado ail, shea butter and aloe vera. The lotion itself is a nice consistency and does soak into the skin quickly whilst making it very smooth, so if at some point I am in desperate need of a lotion then at least this will be in my drawer. This is 30ml so will be worth around £1.70 (full size is £14 for 250ml).

Silk + Honey - Shea Butter Hair Mask

Silk+Honey - Shea Butter Hair Mask

More shea butter products, only this one is for hair. This particular item is a bit of an odd but kind of a nice idea kit. Basically you spend £55 to buy all of the ingredients (is that what you would call them?) to make a 200g tub of this hair mask. Obviously in the box they have provided you with a ready made sample....thank god I don't think I want a chemistry lesson just to moisturise my hair! Anyway £55 seems a little steep, but I would guess this sample is about 30g and worth about £8.20. I have long thick hair so I imagine this is only going to get me about 2 maybe 3 tries at a push - as such a pretty expensive mask per use.

Silk+Honey - Shea Butter Hair Mask1

Again I will review more in-depth when I have actually tested out the product. I've had a super busy two weeks and I read reviews that this made peoples hair so greasy after using and I really didn't have the time to have to wash my hair twice in a row and wait for it to dry.

Lifestyle Extra

Birchbox Keyring

As I am sure all of you know, Birchbox always include a sixth lifestyle item. This months was a keyring in the Brazilian colours and flip flop shape. I will probably add this to my keys just because it is a bit of fun.

Overall, a good box with a nice selection of items. I paid £10 for this box and the estimate price of all the samples inside is £29.30 so a good deal. The whole point of this is to try things I wouldn't usually buy and there are plenty of things in here I would just buy myself if left to my own devices. So while I didn't get the Beauty Blender it does give me the option to find something else I may love even more.

If you want to sign up to Birchbox, here a copy of my referral link. If you use this we both get £5 worth of reward points to spend in the store -

Let me know what you all thought of your June box in the comments below.

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