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June 2014 Glossybox Review

I had already signed up to Birchbox every month and I wasn't going to join anymore subscriptions because I wanted to try them one at a time and then pick my favourite. Well that didn't work very well as no sooner had I just received my first Birchbox in the post, I saw that Glossybox had a 24 hour deal on. This deal was that if you signed up within the next day and entered a code at checkout you would get a box worth £30 for free along with the June box. Of course I had to purchase this deal, £13 for two boxes was a bargain!!

I have to say that after having received both of these boxes and getting 6 full sized items and some pretty good sample sized items, Glossybox was actually my favourite box this month! I don't understand how Birchbox aren't able to offer at least one full size product a month if Glossybox can give you numerous?

I will continue to subscribe to both because I do like the type of samples that Birchbox send. Although I think I will be more excited to receive Glossybox every month. Anyway lets get down to a discussion of the products. Some I have used and some I haven't and whatever hasn't been covered in-depth now, will be reviewed at a later date.

The first box I will run through is the free one. This was actually a box which had been offered to subscribers in April, the theme is Sweet Treats.

Unica - Radiance Plus Anti-aging Face Cream

Unica Radiance Plus Anti-aging Face Cream

This is a tiny sample but due to the amount of excellent products I received I wasn't too bothered. Not to mention the fact I already have a few face creams that I really like, so just getting a one or two day tester of a new one is a nice change. I haven't actually had a go at using this yet but my first thoughts are that it does have quite a herby smell to it, very much like products from Lush or Bodyshop would have but this is probably because it's made from natural ingredients. I have swatched a tiny bit on my hand and it's quite a thick cream, rubs in fairly easily but it feels heavy on my skin. Not sure how my whole face would feel after applying this and I would have to wait a while before applying any make up as it doesn't sink in very quickly.

The full size is £12.95 for 50ml. I would say this same is about 5ml so worth around £1.29.

Monuspa - Warming Ginger Massage and Body Oil

Monuspa Warming Ginger Massage and Body Oil

I haven't used this product, but it says that it can be added to a bath to leave skin nourished or that a small amount can be warmed between hands and applied to skin before washing to leave skin silky smooth. It smells delicious, a very nice ginger smell which is quite refreshing and I do think it would be lovely poured into a bath during the winter.

The full size of this product is £25 for 100ml - this sample is 30ml and worth about £7.50.

Tresemme - Dry Shampoo

Tresemme Instant Refresh Dry Shampoo

I do love dry shampoo so was pretty happy to see this in the box. I haven't tried TRESemme's before as I had always used Batisse. I gave this ago a couple of days ago, due to the hot weather my hair needed a bit of a refresh during the day. I sprayed this on and gave it a massage into my scalp, it was easy to comb out and made my hair feel so much better. I also felt that it didn't get that overly dry feeling that other dry shampoo's can give. Overall I do like this product and may start using this instead of my regular choice.

This is an excellent travel sized product, the full size is £4.99 for 200ml and this is a 100ml worth £2.50. 

MeMeMe - Beat the Blues - Pearl Pink

Me Me Me Beat Blues Pearl Pink Highlighter

This is a full sized highlighter by MeMeMe in pearl pink. I have never tried a product by this brand before. I also had never used a liquid highlighter although it was something that I wanted to give a go. The instructions for use are to dot is sparingly onto your cheekbones and brow arch, apply under blusher or add to foundation. I personally have tested this out by applying it to my cheekbones and the bridge of my nose, it really does give a lovely highlight, especially in this sunny weather as you can really see when the light catches it. I do like this product and it has now found it's way into my makeup bag for contouring and highlighting. This item, being full size is worth £5.50.

Emite Make up - Lip Brush L312

Emite Makeup Lip Brush

This is another full size item in the box and costs £17, so it isn't a cheap brush. I am always happy to receive make up brushes of decent quality as they really are an investment. I do have my eyes on a set  that I want to try out when I have saved up the money but until then I can use these brushes and my Real Techniques sets to keep me going. 

The brush is made of synthetic taklon hair, is easy to clean and allergy free. I haven't used this yet but will update you on my thoughts when I do, but my first impression is that the bristles are nice and soft, but also stiff and quite dense which is what you need in a good lip brush.

Overall, the total value of this box was £33.79. I shall now move on to discussing the items in the June box.

QV Skin Lotion

QV Skin Lotion

The first item in the box is the QV Skin Lotion which is part of the QV Skincare range. I personally haven't used this, but I did give it to my mum as she suffers from dry skin. When I asked her what she thought about it, her reply was "it's alright but I'll stick with my current brand". Her current brand is more expensive than a bottle of this though so that could explain her reaction.

The full size of this is 250ml for £6.06 (odd price) and this is a 15ml sample so its probably worth about 40p.

got2b - Rise and Shine Souffle

Schwarzkopf got2b Rise and Shine Hair Souffle

This was a full size item included in the box. I already have a number of hair products from this range but hadn't actually seen this one. As of yet I haven't had a chance to use it but I am excited to try it. This can be used to provide textured volume and shine to the hair without weighing it down. It also has a jasmine fragrance, again this smells really nice and when rubbed into roots will give hair a fresh volume boost and a fresh scent. Excellent all round. This costs £4.07

Nip + Fab - CC Eye Fix

Nip+Fab CC Eye Fix

The next item in my box is this CC eye fix which is basically an eye cream and a concealer in one. This was sent in the colour light to match my extremely pale complexion. 

Nip+Fab CC Eye Fix Brush

I'll be honest,  I wasn't particularly excited when I saw this item in my box. I have a strange relationship with concealers because I always think they're excellent for the first few tries and then end up hating them. So when I saw this I thought oh great, I bet it's just like any other under eye treatment that doesn't work. Well I'm going to eat my own words because I tested this out over the previous two weeks where I've been ridiculously busy and sleep has been nearly none existent. This actually did brighten my under eye area and helped to conceal my dark circles as well as helping to soothe my tired eyes, I'm pretty sure it removed some of the puffyness. There are faults with it, I did feel like it sat in my under eye creases even after setting with powder but this wasn't as bad as some other eye treatments I have used and this is something I will be purchasing when it runs out.

This is another full size item in my box and cost £9.95. 

So Susan - Universal Blush

So Susan Universal Blush

Another full size product that was included in my June Glossybox was this blush by So Susan. I have seen this brand cropping up quite a lot recently but I haven't tried any of their make-up before, this brand seems to be about looking after your skin while wearing make up, its also not tested on animals. I was pretty happy I got the blush because in my beauty survey with Glossybox I specifically stated that blushers were one of my favourite items, so they definitely targeted this box towards my preferences. Plus if they had given me the concealer quad, I'd have got two concealers in one box.

I have tested this blusher out over the past two weeks and can really say I love the colour. It really is universal as it suits my pale skin, its not overly pigmented instead it gives off a pinkish shimmer which is like a blush/highlighter in one so gives a nice dewy finish. The consistency is lovely as well, it has a very creamy texture and blends like a dream. The cost of this blusher is £20 and I may consider getting it once it runs out.

Teeez Trend Cosmetics - Beautiful Flat Stiff Brush

Teez Cosmetics Beautiful Eyes Flat Stiff Brush

The final product that was in my June box was another brush, this time it was an eyeshadow brush, this one looks like it would be brilliant for packing colour onto the eyelid and as I said before my brush collection is something I am looking to expand. My current set of brushes, the Real Techniques collections do not include a similar brush so it was nice to get this. 

Teez Cosmetics Beautiful Eyes Flat Stiff Brush Bristles

The bristles on this brush are dense, stiff and made of natural hair. I gave this a go the other day and it picks up the product well. I only did a quick test of putting on a base colour and it did an excellent job. The cost of this brush is 19 and at todays conversion rate thats about £15. 

Overall, the value of this box is £49.42. Add that together with the value of the free box above the total value of the boxes I received this month is £83.21. Not bad seeing as I only paid £10 plus postage at about £3. Very happy with Glossybox so far!

If you want to join up to Glossybox use my referral link below and we both get 200 points towards a free box.

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