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July 2014 Birchbox Review

The second Birchbox has arrived. This box has gone back to the standard packaging from what I can tell and as we all know I do enjoy these little pouches, so I'm glad the samples have come in one. I have to say that I am slightly more impressed with this month over last month, so lets get started.

This months theme was sun, sea and sand. Whilst I like the items in my box I don't think they have much to do with the theme. I have seen other boxes which have included sunscreen and other items which I guess would be more appropriate, but I prefer what I got so I'm happy that they haven't been completely rigid to the idea of summer products.

Models Own

Models OWN - Sparkler - NP170

I received another nail polish in this months box. Whilst I do enjoy doing my nails, I am not sure how much use I will get out of this particular item. This is a silver confetti polish that could be built up for coverage but would probably be better as a top coat.

I always tend to find these polishes can make a manicure look cheap and very much like an at home job. I will give this a go at some point though and update you with a proper review and pictures.

It is a nice to see a full size item in Birchbox though and this is worth £5.

Balance Me - Wonder Eye Cream

Balance Me - Wonder Eye Cream

I knew I was going to get this item in my box because I had been impatient and kept my eye out for spoilers. I was actually pretty happy I was going to receive this, because I mentioned in an earlier post I have been lacking in the sleep department recently and my eyes could really do with some TLC!

This is meant to be a light, hardworking cream that will help to brighten the eye and prevent wrinkles. It says that a rice-grain amount is needed, so this should last a while. I haven't given this a proper test yet, but it does have a lemony fragrance and does soak into the skin pretty quickly. I will update once I've used it on my poor eyes to see if it helps.

This is a 7ml sample worth about £9.35 - the full size is £20 for 15ml.

Laqa & Co - Lip Lube

Laqa & Co - Sheer Lip Lube Pencil - Menatour

This is a high-gloss pencil with a sheer wearable colour and it's meant to moisturise and nourishe the lips.

Menatour is a purple colour, which isn't something I would usually wear but it appears that when applied its more a pinky/purple and being sheer would be wearable as a more adventurous day colour during the summer.

I will definitely be giving this a go for drinks with friends during the afternoon, but it isn't something that I will repurchase when it runs out.

This is a sample worth around £7.50. The full size is 3.7g for £14.

Benefit - The Porefessional

Benefit - The Porefessional

I like this product and I do already own it, but I don't mind receiving a travel size version because it means I get something I will actually use for very little money (and we all know Benefit isn't cheap). Not to mention a little of this goes a long way.

I personally don't like to put this on under my make-up. As my foundation is water based having a silicone primer on the bottom makes my foundation slide right off. Instead, I like to put on my foundation and then use this to fill in any visible pores. This seems to work out much better and means I can easily touch up if and when needed.

This is a 7.5ml sample worth £8.45. The full size is £24.50 for 22ml.

Whish Body Butter

Whish - Three Wishes Lavender Body Butter

This body butter is to be used after a bath or shower and massaged into limbs and torso.

It has a lavender scent and usually I can't stand anything with this fragrance, because it reminds me of the soap my nan used to put in her knicker drawer to make them smell nice. Not a reminder you want every time you get a whiff of yourself.

However, this body butter is not that same overpowering smell, its a very light youthful fragrance which I could actually imagine putting on before bed to help upwind. I will definitely give this a go!

This is a 22ml sample worth £2.13 - the full size is 150ml for £14.50.

Filosofille - Four Sided Buffer

Lifestyle Extra - Filosofille - 4 Sided Buffer

Now I have seen some people don't like this lifestyle extra but I personally loved it. I feel it was actually in keeping with the idea of a beauty box. More important, when filing my nails I realised that my buffer is so smooth it no longer works and so needed to be replaced.

This is a brilliant little buffer and I tested it out earlier, the side with the stars adds shine and my god does it do that. By the time I had finished it looked like I had added a clear top coat to my nails.

The cost of this is about 5.90 so with todays conversion rate £4.70. Not a bad little extra if I do say so myself.

Overall, the total value of this box is £37.13. This is an absolute bargain when you consider that it only cost £12.95 for the box and postage. There was also a little sneak preview for August's box and the lifestyle extra is likely to be a makeup bag to pack all your holiday essentials.

If you would like to join up to Birchbox then use my referral link and we can both get £5 to use in the Birchbox shop.

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